Boarding & Training

Why is this a better alternative to a traditional boarding/kennel setup?

Our boarding and training program places your dog in a trainer’s actual home. A real home environment is a smarter, more affordable alternative to placing your dog in a kennel. Traditional boarding facilities are notorious for their noisy, stressful environments that often create more anxious dogs and encourage stress-related behavior problems. Kennels can also contribute to undesirable barking habits, regression in potty training habits, and other unwanted behaviors. In a trainer’s home, your dog would be receiving ten times the amount of individualized attention that he or she would in a kennel facility, only being alone for a few hours each day. In order for proper learning to take place in a Board and Train program, it is vital that your dog is never stressed, scared, or anxious, otherwise they will not be able to focus and/or properly retain the new skills they have learned.

Perhaps you don’t have the amount of time your dog needs and desire professional help, or you are traveling and need a place where your dog can stay safe and comfortable while receiving daily exercise, care, and training in an actual home environment. Before their program begins, you and your trainer will create a list of training goals that they will practice daily throughout their stay. Most dogs’ board and train stay varies from one week to three weeks, but they may be suitable for more if you have more specific or lengthy list of goals. We are happy to provide pictures and video updates by request to share your dog’s progress. All board and train sessions include a complimentary private, instructional session (valued at $125) after training is completed for each week of board and train, in order for our clients to comfortably and confidently continue their dog’s progress with simple maintenance techniques. Of course, since our trainers share their home with other pets, any and all Board and Train dogs are required to be free of aggressive behaviors. For dogs struggling with aggression and related behaviors, we recommend Private Training or Reverse Board and Train as effective alternatives.


Reverse Board and Train

(service dependent on location, please email for availability):

With this program, your dog’s training needs are taken care of in the comfort of their home. A trainer will travel to your home and work with your dog for a total of 3 hours, either while you are at work, out running errands, or otherwise are unavailable to participate in the sessions. If you prefer to be home during the sessions, that is fine, too! The option for an overnight stay may a possibility if you are going out of town, depending on the trainer’s availability. Training begins in your home within your dog’s environment that he or she is familiar with, however the trainer will take your dog outside of the home to create more of a challenge once they are ready for it. Due to Reverse Board and Train program’s intensive nature, they are typically shorter in length (average is 5-7 days) as the dog is able to establish and strengthen better alternative behaviors right where the major of problem behaviors are happening. Best of all, our Reverse Board and Train programs also include a free private, instructional session (valued at $125) after training is completed.


Day Training

We love offering this service to all of our previous Board and Train clients, however, we are happy to allow new clients with approved applications. With our Day Training program, simply drop off your dog at our trainer’s home in the morning for a day full of training, exercise, socialization and outdoor doggie adventures! Pick up your pup at the end of the day–or if you run out of time, they can always stay for a sleepover for additional fee.

These programs are an excellent, convenient choice for people feeling stuck in their extremely busy schedules. If you understand the importance of training for your dog, but you are stretched too thin to commit to weekly private sessions, one of these above options may work well for your dog. Considering the cost to board your dog or hire a pet sitter while you are away, Board and Train & Reverse Board and Train programs offer practical alternatives that allow for your dog to be professionally trained at the same time.


Private Dog Training

Why choose Private Training Sessions?

Our private training programs is an excellent option for individual, personalized attention towards any training goals that you have with your dog. We often receive interest for private training because a pet parent is seeking positive results while addressing specific needs with a certified, experienced dog trainer. Here are some common reasons our clients choose private training with us:

  • puppy training 101 (potty training, bite inhibition, socialization)
  • basic obedience training
  • not coming when called
  • bolting through doorways
  • rehabilitation of adopted rescue dogs in home
  • chewing/destructive behavior in the home/yard
  • jumping up on people
  • pulling on leash
  • separation anxiety
  • aggression towards people and/or other dogs
  • poor manners with guests, reactivity at the doorbell
  • leash reactivity (barking, lunging, whining, growling at the sight of other dogs on leash)
  • fearfulness (storms, other dogs, people, etc.)
  • hyperactivity, lack of focus
  • introduction of new dogs in the household
  • introduction of babies into a home
  • safe child and dog interaction in home
  • therapy dog prep
  • trick training, and more.

You may have unique goals in mind that you have always wanted your dog to do, but need proper guidance and coaching to get there. Our priority to is to give you expert instruction and state-of-the-art resources, so that you and your dog may have a more peaceful and pleasant life together. Private dog training provides personalized assistance designed exactly for you and your dog. Unlike group classes, all of the skills, behaviors, and materials covered are specific to you.


Where are private sessions held?

Private sessions always start off within a client’s home since that is where most of the problem behaviors are occurring. When a client and their dog is ready, sessions can also be held at public locations to further strengthen the results of their training. Ultimately, the location for subsequent sessions depends on the client’s preferences in addition to our trainer’s recommendations.


How long are the sessions?

Private training sessions begin at 90 minutes in length for the first appointment. All other sessions are typically 75 minutes in length, as we do not require as much dialogue or information gathering after the first meeting. We do not want to recommend any more training sessions than what is needed for you to succeed on your own. Our goal is to provide you with the tools you need to easily continue training in positive and productive manner that encourages a lifetime of results.


Do you offer discounts for multiple training sessions?

If you don’t know what direction you want to take, or if you want to make sure our private training program is a good fit for you and your pup, simply start off by booking a Training Consult & Behavior Assessment, which is $75 for the 1-hour consultation.


Private training sessions begin at 90 minutes in length for $125 per session. However, you can save money (and book any/ all sessions in advance) if you choose one of the following private session packages:


2 session package, $237.50 – 5% Discount

4 session package, $450 – 10% Discount

6 session package, $637.50 – 15% Discount

8 session package, $800 – 20% Discount

10 session package, $937.50 – 25% Discount

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